Who torn out one day from my calendar ?!

Flying to Australia you must wonder what is going to happen there and you expect, that since this country is located so far away from the cradle of the whole civilisation – I mean the place in which you were born and brought up – everything should be completely different. Americans, before they reach this continent, must face a problem of almost metaphysical nature – they will lose one day from their calendar. The whole one day will be simply missing. Nothing will happen on this particular day because this one day will not exist. Isn't it outrageous? Through your whole life, you got used to that after Monday, there will be Tuesday, and then Wednesday and day by day you will reach Sunday when the loop of time is closed. And here, what a surprise – one day disappears from the calendar! Luckily for you, if you manage to survive your holidays in Australia and you return to your safe home in America, the phenomenon of “losing” one day will positively surprise you. The day of return, you will live twice! Leaving Australia on Sunday after the breakfast, you will spend the whole day on a plane, but when you land, you will still have several hours spare before you will each a Sunday breakfast with your family and then plan weekend family attractions. Isn't it a magic?! And this is exactly how you can describe Australia. A little bit magical, frequently surprising, sometimes irritating but most of all – completely different. Take a look at the bullet list below. I am sure it is not a complete list and everybody who visited Australia at least once, would be able to add a few bullet  points:

Australia is the biggest island and the smallest continent. In the same time, it is the only country which does not share a continent with any other country. I wouldn't mind if part of Poland were adjacent to Australia :).

  • Indigenous people of Australia are called Aborigines. They are the oldest ethnic known group still living on the Earth, but their history and contemporary lives are hidden by the curtains of mystery and silence.
  • There are many fantastic miracles of nature – both flora and fauna – which I will describe later in the posts from our Australian adventure.
  • The majority of the continent is scarcely inhabited, so the people communities you need to look for with precise GPS or sophisticated infrared photo camera.
  • On the Australian highways, you can see trains (“Road Trains“). When you try to overtake such a vehicle while driving a camper van, your heart pulse is guaranteed to rise at least to the level of 140 BPM.
  • Practically all consumer products have the highest price when you compare with their counterparts on other continents. It looks as if all multinational corporations do include into the product price the extra margin for their troubles arising from shipping the products to this remote part of the EarthAnd one more thing.
  • Fortunately, in Australia, they have the one wonderful thing, which you will especially enjoy when you are in the place where even breathing causes you to sweat. I mean the biggest Coca-Cola can I have ever seen. The whole half a litre. This cold marvel is served from a vending machine at the airport, after depriving you of several dollars. But believe me – it is worth it!