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Salvation in a bed. How after three days we reached the paradise.

We pictured our little cottage as a true palace. We had an impression that it was the eighth wonder of the world. Three comfortable beds, where you can stretch out your legs and fall asleep in a horizontal position. After three days spent mainly on the plane, the word “bed” was synonymous with the word “salvation”. However, the road to paradise turned out to be full of surprises...

All you need is just three days to set your foot in Australia…

Australia is virtually the antipodes for Europe. In the absence of direct flight connections, getting to Australia usually takes two to three days... If you think Australia is too far away to go there with kids, I have a good news - your kids probably will be happier than ever, as they will have unlimited access to the latest films on VOD System. Several hours of best films can act as anesthesia for everybody, irrespective of the age...

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