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Africa 2015: RPA, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia

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Media most often describe Africa from one side only – poor, dangerous continent, for centuries harassed by diseases, conflicts, and starvation. So people usually associate Africa with various things, but not with a place for successful family holidays.

But the reality is quite different. In many African countries English language is the administrative one so spoken by almost everybody, local roads and highways are in a good shape and supermarkets offer the same brands as in developed countries. People, though usually impoverished, smile often and have a natural, slow and easy-going style of life.

After a few days spent in Africa, we realised that our everyday haste at work should not be treated as something completely normal. We learned to slow down, notice stars, hear the silence, marvel at sunrise and go to bed shortly after sunset, all filled with emotions and experiences from a past day. Slowly, we learned how to observe wild animals, and we understood how much people have already changed the natural environment in Europe and eliminated even the smallest risk, allegedly endangering us from the side of wild animals.

Africa shows us a richness and beauty of nature, which unfortunately in many countries of Europe has been already lost forever…