Artistic handicrafts from less travelled places

Our goal is to offer the unique handicrafts created by artists living in the less travelled places.

So you can instantly enjoy the beauty of home decor made with heart.

And be encouraged to start your own craft-discovering trips.

Hand-made items positively affect our mood. We love keeping them around at home because they emphasize its unique character and make us feel even better.

What could be more pleasurable in the cold, rainy autumn evening than a hot, black tea with cloves, pieces of orange and some raspberry juice brewed in your favorite mug?

From each of our foreign expeditions, we try to bring at least one souvenir that we can put in the room, look at it daily and easily recall holiday adventures. They’re our tiny amulets to improve our mood.

The first steps in the sale of handicrafts we decided to take with native Luka Pottery, made by the artists, Agata Wiślińska and her son, Lucas. Agata's products have delighted us for years. When we were living in Warsaw, our whole family loved to attend her ceramics weekend workshops and of course, collect her handcrafted items.

Now we live in the Netherlands and decided to open the online store with Agata’s handicraft. We hope that you'll enjoy this type of ceramic tableware and that thanks to you, the family of Luka Pottery collectors will start growing outside its cradle country.

We're currently offering the following vessels:


Protagonists of travel stories in search of artistic handicraft

Tomasz Kamiński.


O nas. Wędrujące kamienie.

Dominika, Greg and Chris